Tuesday, February 15, 2011

THE KING’S SPEECH” Movie Review. A SMASHING FILM, by any means.

“THE KING’S SPEECH” Press Preview

Not everyone shares the same divine craving for the British filmfare.

This is a staunch fact.

But there’s always a standing ovation for the deserving ones, out here in ASIA.

For non-fans, British films can be deemed as hard and boring, that is, if you do not know where to rest your artistic tolerance.

The younger minds who are ever mindful of action and excitement may not be as appreciative,

but for matured audiences, it’s a joy to behold when the right one comes along.

“THE KING’S SPEECH” is one such gem, packaged within a stand-offish title.

Sieving through you’ll surely find remarkable traces of

aristocracy, pomposity, stiff-upper-lip British blather, and all things such.

But then ….

“THE KING’S SPEECH” is dressed in style -

packing in a heavenly script.

Le manifique, folks.

The combination of sterling performances and masterful direction turns this movie into an all-consuming emotional experience.

This one is a powerful drama that you’ll quietly enjoy.

It’s a buddy story about a stutterer and would-be-king played by COLIN FIRTH and his speech therapist GEOFFREY RUSH with a decent amount of sugary toppings.

“THE KING’S SPEECH” explores the intensity of human relationships, making up for all the endless onslaught of violent and sex driven cinematic junk that is perpetually drowning us all the time.

It’s a true story about King George VI, who took over the throne just prior to World War II. George, ever mild mannered, had a serious speech problem and had an awful time speaking in public.

Colin Firth plays George and he displays the gentleness, wisdom and humor of the King.

He delivers a magnificent performance.

Geoffrey Rush plays Lionel Logue who ultimately helps the King overcome his speech impediment.

The interaction between Firth and Rush is top notch.

Helena Bonham Carter, in the role of Firth’s faithful screen wife demonstrates a steely presence with her grace, look and gestures.

Here’s a heartwarming, soulful film that plays out on the battlefield of words, not action.

It’s a perfect film fodder for discerning audiences starved for literate entertainment.

“THE KING’S SPEECH” is directed by TOM HOOPER, (THE DAMNED UNITED ,HBO’s award-winning mini-series and JOHN ADAMS). HOOPER quickly gets you emotionally immersed in the characters and storyline.

Overseas critics I know are lauding praises on this award-winning film.


So don’t miss it for the like of the world.

“THE KING’S SPEECH” is a smashing film by any means.

It’s one peach of a gem that will render you absolutely speechless.

You can count on this one.

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