Friday, June 24, 2011

“MONTE CARLO” Movie Review. DREAM on, Sweet BABES.


Hi Guys and Gals ….

Welcome aboard the “MONTE CARLO” helmed by director THOMAS BEZUCHA.

This flighty film will breeze you through the most exciting ,exotic spots in Paris and Monte Carlo without having you leave the comfort your seat.

Just strap on your safety belt and soak in the fun.

You’ll be treated to a giddy-eyed fairy tale targeting at palpitating adolescent hearts beckoning everyone that it’s great to be young (don’t we all know this?) and that spring is in the air.

Without so much of a whiff and a twirl, you are whisked away to an intoxicating world of enchanting locales with a dash of eye candy for company.

Not bad, eh?

It all starts with a case of mistaken identity.

Consider these squabbling pretty maids-in-a-row: Grace (SELENA GOMEZ) and stepsister Meg (LEIGHTON MEESTER) with best pal Emma (KATIE CASSIDY).

They snicker and bicker and get on each other’s nerves, yet they go on a journey together.

A little bitchiness to start off with – for an initial uplift.

These 20-something sweet babes saved hard enough for a dream vacation in Paris.

However, things are not what they seem to be when they find that they are caught in a boring guided tour where expectations fall below par.

Then by a stroke of chance, luck spins an unexpected surprise.

In the lobby of a plush hotel, Grace is mistaken for a spoiled British heiress called Cordelia (also played by SELENA GOMEZ.)

And lo and behold!

The sordid world suddenly brightens up like fireworks ….

and they find themselves lured into a lavish paradise of bohemian lifestyle,

where they can feast, party and indulge like rich socialites.

You can jolly well throw in an extra dash of whirlwind romances with handsome beaus for a good measure.

However good things just don’t last.

After a tumultuous series of trials and errors that lead to a riotous finale, the three gals discover conscience and the true calling of sisterhood and what genuine friendship is all about, having gone through the rough patches together.

MONTE CARLO stars Disney comely star SELENA GOMEZ with Gossip Girls’ LEIGHTON MEESTER and KATIE CASSIDY.

Maybe an unusual potpourri mix, but there’s an apparent likable chemistry amongst the three young stars.

Their banters may be funny and schoolgirlish, but they hold our attentions and have us rooting for them.

It will be fair to say that there’s a good sprinkle of class and some style in the movie.

A “sunshine-after-the-rain” movie, this feature aims to tap a broader mass market despite the youthful appeal playing the primary sector.

It is a fun-fun-fun, wondrous and “feel good” holiday romance type shot against an acceptable landscape of tourist scenic locations.

The director-of-photography JONATHAN BROWN could have been more lavish in his capture of popular tourist attractions.

Do go and grab a piece of this action and let the good times roll!

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