Tuesday, June 7, 2011

“SUPER 8″ Movie Review. The MAGICAL SPLENDOR of a SPIELBERG and ABRAMS collaboration rides on!


“SUPER 8″ is a beautifully crafted film, make no bones about it.

With two movie geniuses like J.J. Abrams and Steven Spielberg going for the price of a cinema ticket, you simply can’t go wrong.

It’s money well spent.

I will not dispute the ingenuity of J.J.ABRAMS (Mission Impossible 3, Star Trek).

But this “STEVEN SPIELBERG” name is irreplaceable. He is iconic.

So it’s drool time whenever a STEVEN SPIELBERG movie hits the cinema.

Forever targeting the family crowd, a SPIELBERG film (whether he helms or produces), conjures a magical treat for everyone, offering a deletable visual feast for both the eyes and ears.

SPIELBERG is a seasoned storytelling sci-fic guru who ensures that his productions serve a primary purpose.

He takes you on a journey of adventure – to astound, enthrall and entertain.

He’s stupendous in his craft and peppers his viewers with amazing surprises in each and every piece of his celluloid work.

And a rollicking one like this long-awaited feature called “SUPER 8″ produced by SPIELBERG and directed by J.J. ABRAMS will surely bring forth the “ooohs’ and the “ahhhs”.

The magic rides on!

”SUPER 8″ takes us back to 1979 into the fictional town of Lillian, Ohio.

This is nostalgia in its finest form.

A small group of gawky teenagers are innocently having a whale of fun – producing a home movie about zombies with an old Super 8 mm film camera, until they accidentally espy a mysterious train crash.

These are smart kids who know that something’s amiss,

that there could be a secret that lurks in the dark, and everything is more than meets the eye.

Shortly after, bizarre disappearances and inexplicable events begin to take shape.

When the local deputy Jackson Lamb (Kyle Chandler) searches for answers, he uncovers signs of an impending alien attack.

SUPER 8 the movie is superbly written and directed by J.J.ABRAMS in a peremptory tone that’s far different from SPIELBERG’s.

Yet it could have been a better work of emotive art, had it had stayed close to a coming of age story dramatically built against a backdrop of alien invasion.

Take “ET” and SCHINDER’s LIST as classic examples where we were moved to tears because in the closing scenes, partings are such sweet sorrow.

Instead this one “up-plays” on the wrath of an alien rampage theme as with any other alien movies and relegates the warmth and emotions of character development (a SPIELBERG trademark) to secondary importance.

This is a supernatural thriller with an interesting premise with cute teenagers as the main protagonists.

Kudos to the casting director for an acclaimed ensemble cast.

The gang of kids practically steals the thunder from the adults.

JOEL COURTNEY is wonderfully right as the wide-eyed, innocent kiddo in the lead role. He’s a rare find.

ELLE FANNING is a refreshing sweetie who lights up the screen as a troubled teenager from a broken home.

Let’s move on to the alien bit.

For most part of the film before the ending, we’ll be lucky if we are offered a glimpse of the monster.

Because of this, little suspense is generated as the director distances and distracts us from the creature.

You may wonder if “SUPER 8″ is an alien rampage movie or a coming of age saga because it seems to play the finale both ways.

Whatever the shortcomings, it is still a mesmerizing film that is thoroughly enjoyable.

Just remain in your seat when the film ends

to watch the credits roll.

You bet there’s a little bit more to come.

Stay braced!

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