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To begin with, the REEL star of the show are unmistakably, the robotic CGI effects.

And these are executed in astonishing splendor amid a ear-splitting soundtrack.

Welcome back, “TRANSFORMERS 3″ a.k.a. “TRANSFORMERS: DARK OF THE MOON” helmed by ace director MICHAEL BAY.

One name says it all.

This one tops the other two.

You can’t beat the heart-pounding actions that are enhanced to enthrall.

They instill palpitating excitement, storm fast and furious, loud and explosive, a visual feast for your eager eyes …..

and they metaphorically sear the screen apart with faster-than-you-would-have-expected grimness, grit and gruesomeness.

SHIA LaBEOUF, the cute impish actor returns in his role as Sam Witwicky in “TRANSFORMERS: Dark of the Moon”.

He is licking the wounds from the departure of his old flame MEGAN FOX from the film series

and before you can say “Hey Presto!” he now pursues a new love interest in voluptuous new actress ROSIE HUNTINGTON-WHITELEY.

A baffling occurrence from the Earth’s past erupts into the present day.

The Earth is now threatened with a formidable force that the sum of all the heroic Transformers alone would be insufficient to save the human populace from extinction.

Action auteur MICHAEL BAY delivers his goods successfully again in his final chapter of the trilogy.

His previous two “TRANSFORMERS” films had reaped their fair harvest of both happy and scathing reviews.

You can’t please everybody because great minds do not think alike.

So is this chapter 3 any good?

The marriage of the computer-animated robots and their real-world environment is here again as the core subject, larger than life.

Such as the presence of actual, 30-foot-high, mutating robots walking among us.

As with the previous two movies, the plot of the film still focuses on Earth as a deadly battle ground as war ensues between the two races of alien robots – the good Autbots and the evil Decepticons.

There’s a secret investigation of actual moon landings and the finding of the Ark.

Based on the Hasbro toy line and the popular ’80s cartoon, “TRANSFORMERS” revolves around giant alien robots that can change into any kind of machinery.

The good guys – known as Autobots – are lead by Optimus Prime, who can transform into a blue and red semi-truck, and the bad robots – known as Decepticons – follow orders from Megatron, who can shape-shift into a powerful jet.

MICHAEL BAY’s trademark of the lush visual extravagance and SFX are all here in this a little over 2 hour long solid entertainment.

You’ll be blown by this fantastical adventure that will transport you beyond the realm of your aesthetic mind.

Everybody is talking about TRANSFORMERS: DARK OF THE MOON.

The buzz is infectious.

So what are you waiting for?

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