Sunday, November 20, 2011

“50/50″ MOVIE REVIEW. This BUDDY TALE is about a divine FRIENDSHIP.


Once in a while you'd get a THEATRICAL GEM about FRIENDSHIP.

“50/50″ is one such feature. This is the inference I draw from the Film:

Friendship is succinctly heartwarming.  More so, it’s a divine blessing that enriches our soul.

A staunch buddy is one whom we can let our hair down and be ourselves – no pretensions. We can wail and wallow in our sorrows without being accused of being self-piteous.

True friends allow you to unload your emotional and spiritual baggage, to let these flow unashamedly, and you don’t need to hold anything back.

Friends form the nicest people, to share a laughter and a tear.

Friends will rally around – when your entire world is threatening to fall apart.

Friends make us feel loved, respected and that we are not alone in this chaotic globe.

Now, what’s “50/50 all about?

It is a movie inspired by a true story about friendship, love, surviving a crisis and finding humor in unlikely places.

JOSEPH GORDON-LEVITT and SETH ROGEN star as best friends whose lives are changed by a cancer diagnosis in this new comedy directed by JONATHAN LEVINE from a script by WILL REISER.

Writer WILL REISER had cancer before, it is a story largely based on his own experience with this deadly disease, reminding us that with friendship and love, no matter what bizarre turns we take, these are the greatest healers.

 ”50/50″ is everything  a smart, witty, entertaining crowd pleaser should be.

We are taken on a comedic journey to embrace the true meaning of life and friendship, and to uncover human and humorous touches in dire situations that we’ve often taken for granted.

It is a grim reminder that it’s great to be alive and that we should treasure the hours, the minutes and the person right in front of us. Right.

NO SPOILERS here, it’s a helluva great film.

In “50/50″, every actor does a beautiful job to color this dismal world.

GO WATCH IT for friendship sake.

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