Friday, November 18, 2011

“SEEKING JUSTICE” Movie Review. A Terse, Vigilante Thriller. Or is it Not?


“SEEKING JUSTICE” admonishes us that in life, nothing can be created out of nothing.

There’s always a price tag – you’ve to pay for favors executed.

As in the case of Nick Gerard (NICHOLAS CAGE), a dedicated college teacher who’s trapped in this dilemma.

The story kicks off happily with Nick and his lovely wife Laura (JANUARY JONES) celebrating their wedding anniversary in a plush restaurant.

There’s so much love around, despite the fact that the Hurricane Katrina has just rocked the entire New Orleans and the citizens are still licking their material and emotive wounds from the mass destruction.

Not many nights after, Laura finishes her cello recital and is heading for her car parked in a lonely street.

There, she is physically attacked and brutally raped by a hurly burly ex-con.

Nick rushes to the hospital and is devastated by the heinous deed.

He meets Simon (GUY PEARCE) a smooth talking albeit suave dude from a vigilante group who claims that he’s able to “get rid” of bad people in return for an unspecified favor in an unspecified time.

Simon offers to “bump off” the rapist who shacked his wife as a logical mark of justice.

Nick who’s emotionally distraught over the situation, readily agrees only to regret this when the job is accomplished.

Life flips back to normalcy and everything is quickly forgotten.

Until one fine day – many months later, the underground vigilante comes knocking. Simon has looked Nick up and requests that Nick repay his dues by killing a guy whom the vigilante group deems as a pedophile, thereby a threat to society.

The problem is, Simon is appalled by the idea of vigilante justice and tries to escape the shackles of Simon’s notorious group.  He does not plan to be a killer  and is definitely not keeping  his part of the bargain.

Thereafter, a game of cat and mouse ensues with Nick and Laura fleeing for dear life.

“SEEKING JUSTICE” is an exciting and evenly paced feature with some decent twists.


One can see that director ROGER DONALDSON sordidly captures a cold and relentless world and demonstrates the plight of an ordinary man when he is pinned to a far corner and forced to choose his options.

If placed in the same situation, what would you have done?

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