Saturday, November 26, 2011

“OMBAK RINDU” Malaysian Movie Review. Uncover this MOVIE GEM amid the CRASHING WAVES.

The Indefatigable LOVE TRIANGLE:

MAYA KARIN plays IZZAH, a Kampong gal who goes to the big city and finds LOVE, MARRIAGE and ANGST.


 MILA (LISA SURHANI) wants things her way. She demonstrates what it is like to be a WOMAN SCORNED.

Of all pains, the greatest pain is to love, but love in vain.

BRONT PALARAE is MAEL, a typical KAMPONG BUDDY who carries an unrequited torch for IZZAH.



Surely you must have watched the ultimate movie  classic “CASABLANCA” if you are a die-hard romantic.

In that film, when the screen character Sam sings “the world will always welcome lovers” with a sad, soulful gusto, we hum along with the beat, beseeching ourselves that this world will forever be open to torrid romances.

What’s life without love?

Nothing, really.

“OMBAK RINDU” is one such gem that will touch your soul deeply.

Heaven forbid, it’s as though the ripples of the heart will “go on and on”. (sound familiar)?

“OMBAK RINDU” is supremely MALAY in its fine offering, and stripped of its outer layer, is faithfully translated as “LOVE AMID THE CRASHING WAVES”.

The genre is typical old-school romance where “the path of true love never will run smooth” expounding on a giddy-eyed love triangle.

The Asian Chinese community will swear that the famed Taiwanese novelist CHUNG YAO who, to this day, have had all of her literary works on doomed romances transcribed on the giant screen.

Over in MALAYSIA, author FAUZIAH ASHARI is beaming now, when her much anticipated screen adaptation is making the same waves.

You don’t have to be a hapless romantic to be swept away by this well-acted and superbly directed feature film by OSMAN ALI.  His treatment is emotively splendid.

He crafted the movie to tug at your heart-strings and this it surely does.

No expenses are spared for the scenic locales in order to achieve the natural lushness of Langkawi, Kedah and Southern Thailand. You’ll be treated with the breathtaking splendor of pristine beaches and hypnotic blue ocean. The entire film is painstakingly shot on 35 mm film format for authenticity, within a 45 day span.

Here’s a quick run on the story synopsis:

IZZAH (MAYA KARIN) is an innocent Kampong gal content with her idyllic rustic life as a village teacher.

She is tricked by her lecherous uncle under the pretext that the family needs money for her Aunt’s surgery. She is promptly sold to a brothel in Kuala Lumpur.

Her first customer is a wealthy playboy HARRIZ (AARON AZIZ).

IZZAH begs him to marry her as a way out of prostitution.

HARRIZ agrees with the intention of making her a kept woman.

But little does he know that when two people spend so much time together, feelings are bound to develop.

As time goes by, love grows and glows and HARRIZ the arrogant one falls head over heels for IZZAH.

The only snag is:  HARRIZ is engaged to his childhood sweetheart MILA (LISA SURHANI) and has to find a way out of the mess.

But MILA is a force to be reckoned with and she is determined to win him back, at all costs.

So how is HARRIZ going to get out of the emotional entanglement?

Beautiful performances by an all-star cast headed by MAYA KARIN, AARON AZIZ, LISA SURHANI and BRONT PALARAE.

There’s a gamut of emotions running high in this movie that will strike a chord in your heart.

So be armed with a pack of tissues should you go.

Be mesmerized by the charm of  this bitter-sweet love in “OMBAK RINDU”.

I, for one, am bedazzled.


“We are really HAPPY you did enjoy the MOVIE.”

(From LEFT)  Film Director OSMAN ALI and his FOUR LEADS.


“Here’s one for the camera. Cheeese!”



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