Saturday, October 6, 2012

BYRON Pang, ROY Chiu, SODA Voyu, ANDREW Ngo and RHYDIAN Vaughan. .An Amazing Company of Fine Actors.

Here’s a SHORTLIST of FIVE STARS, each from a different part of ASIA, their names beaming bright.

They are bona fide actors : young, popular, good-looking.

We're ushering in a new breed of celeb heartthrobs with those dreamy stares that can stop a woman right in her tracks.

Whatever people may claim that pretty boys cannot act and are wooden, take a cue that these fine actors surely know where they are heading.

Great performers are a joy and a boon in any production line-up.

Keep your eyes peeled.  These are eye candy who will not hesitate to embrace versatility in the characters they play.

WHO would be your ideal CHOICE to take on the role of HANZ and of his sworn brother ANH in the Vietnamese segment of a feature film called SURVIVORS comprising FOUR Asian stories on HOPE, LOVE and REDEMPTION?

Stay tuned.


BYRON was last seen as a cute, self-destructive drug-addict in the controversial flick called AMPHETAMINE.


ROY’s latest drama series OFFICE GIRLS has just been aired in TAIPEI, HONG KONG and MALAYSIA and it’s one big colossal hit.


SODA has a pivotal role in WARRIORS OF THE RAINBOW (SEEDIQ BALE) – a Taiwanese epic blockbuster – and is currently, a shining star in the making.  He comes from a theatrical background, where he mostly gets to play the lead.


This guy is looking at you, peep!

ANDREW NGO a.k.a. NGO TIEN DOAN, is a multi-faceted Vietnamese SuperModel.  

For him, LIFE has been a  BREEZE since being crowned MISTER INTERNATIONAL 2008. Fame comes with a price and he has his share of bad press, a result of media jealousy.

ANDREW is currently Vietnam's hottest model given his international exposure.  He is being contacted for a role in SURVIVORS.

"I'll work hard to immerse myself in whatever role my Manager has arranged for me," he assures, brimming  with self-confidence.

This dude knows where he's heading.

We are wishing him luck.


(from TAIWAN)

RHYDIAN VAUGHAN, 24, is a new kid on the block.

He may have done a few films, but it is the Taiwanese 3-in-1 love tragedy "GF: BF" that establishes him as a hot matinee star and a dramatic actor.

Raw talent, good looks and a fluency in English and Mandarin will see him as an actor to watch in the coming years.

SURVIVORS - the Feature Film

(How It All Started)

HANZ and ANH are two impoverished orphans who live amid the slums in Ho Chi Minh City.

Fate brings them together, life has been tough and although they don’t have much, they are always the best of friends.

In ANH’s eyes, HANZ has always been the protective older brother he never had.

Ultimately they become blood brothers.

To survive in the shady alleyways of Ho Chi Minh, HANZ begin mixing with the triads, starting first with petty thefts, later progressing into more serious crimes.

Although disapproving at first, ANH slowly but surely starts joining HANZ in his pursuits.

Deep inside, ANH has always envisioned the dream of leading a simple life away from crime, together with HANZ and his new found girlfriend.

The two get into a violent dispute with the local gang after a collaborated robbery attempt goes wrong, in which HANTZ and ANH accidentally lose the loot.

ANH is captured and held at gun point by the gang’s boss. Unable to produce the loot from the robbery, ANH is mercilously shot dead right before HANZ’s eyes.

HANZ manages to escape, but his desire for revenge is quelled by ANH’s last wish for HANZ to go straight. ANH’s girlfriend persuaded HANZ to leave Vietnam and lead a new life.

Unfortunately, HANZ discovers that the gang boss TIM has boarded the same flight bound for KL with one of his henchmen.

His thirst for vengeance returns, and he resolves to take TIM’s life while he is on board the plane.

His assassination attempt fails however, and HANZ ends up hijacking the plane.

Amid the scramble and chaos and a bid to gain control of the cockpit, HANZ starts a chain of events that leads to the plane losing complete control and nosediving downwards towards the open sea….

(PRINCIPAL CHARACTERS from the 3 OTHER STORIES are also on board. Their ROLES are narrated in FLASHBACK).


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