Thursday, October 18, 2012

PATRICK LAM the Hong Kong Photographer. FASHION, LIFESTYLE, ADVERTISING, whatever, he’s the MASTER of his CRAFT.


Should you seek an ace photographer who can handle overseas advertising photography projects, think HONG KONG.

Art knows no boundaries.

Note this name.

PATRICK LAM resides in Hong Kong and travels frequently on overseas fashion and advertising assignments.

He is a celebrated HONG KONG Fashion and Lifestyle Photographer whose work knows no bounds.

He relishes the age-old adage “A GOOD PICTURE SPEAKS A THOUSAND WORDS.”  He understands consumer perception.

I can look at a PATRICK LAM’s image and understand his VISION.

Here’s a “people” photograher in HONG KONG that I would highly recommend  for arty advertising stuff.

PATRICK LAM and myself have collaborated on several cool projects.

He is insightful, discreet and patient and the results of his works are always astounding.

PATRICK can be contacted at (852) 9170 6519.

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