Thursday, October 6, 2011

“REAL STEEL” Movie Review. A FUTURISTIC CLUNKY TALE with a rollicking HEART and SOME SOUL.


Nay, I’d not even go this far to say I am a fan of HUGH JACKMAN, even though much has been reported that this Australian actor carefully selects his roles.

Nor would I bestow myself the dubious honor of being in a boxing arena as a spectator, cheering fighting robots.

But the reality is: these are facts assembled here in this clunky tale of competitive robotic fights amid an irresponsible father who’s seeking redemption over the custody of his long lost son.

And you bet, it’s one helluva of an enthralling, mesmerizing, keeping-you-on-edge movie, fresh from the oven of DISNEY.

Which says a lot about wholesome family entertainment with a heart.

HUGH plays Charlie Kenton, a down-on-his-luck robot fight promoter in REAL STEEL. His character Charlie is forever on the run, because he takes on bad risks he cannot accomplish, and is in severe financial straits.

The happening?  Some time in 2020s. Charlie is an underdog ex-boxer now turns robot fight promoter.

Along with his live-in girl friend Bailey (EVANGELINE LILLY), she is the one woman who stands by him and believes in him when the whole world don’t.  Her father was his coach, Charlie has consistently been trying to acquire fight robots with little success.

Luck has never been his calling card.

Now he has first, to reckon with a rude shock from the unexpected arrival of an 11-year-old son Max (DAKOTA GOYO) from a past relationship. The moment Charlie sees Max, he’s ever eager to transfer the right of custody to the boy’s aunt and her rich husband for a sum, simply because he needs money to buy robotic parts.

It is much later that his computer whiz son sees the potential in one discarded robot that’s in a badly twisted wreck and needs to be remodeled. He called it Atom.

The ultra-stylized special effects that propel the robot fighting are awesome.

The robots are humongous, powerful and fun. You can almost discern that they are “thinking” robots, each with his own own personality and in the case of some, heart.

“REAL STEEL” narrates a futuristic clunky tale with a rollicking heart, some soul and lots of action.

Superb acting from HUGH JACKMAN, DAKOTA GOYO and EVANGELINE LILLY takes this movie way to the top.

There’s a wonderful, magnetic chemistry between Charlie, the screen father and his teenage son Max, with plenty of emotive scenes that will surely sear your tear ducts.

Notwithstanding a magnificent sound track that will charm you.

It is, without doubt, one of the best cinematic offerings for the pre-Christmas season.

And hey presto, the Film director SHAWN LEVY sees bigger things lining up, such as a big screen franchise.


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