Sunday, October 2, 2011

“WHAT’S YOUR NUMBER?” Movie Review. Drama MAMA will SWEAR it’s DIRTY LINEN.


It goes for the obvious that romantic comedies are spreading themselves thin these days, in order to wean a broad based appeal.

Just by casting cute actors looking coy and spouting lovey-dovey lines just won’t add up.

The 60s era of squeaky-clean angelic gals-next-door with the bubbly innocence of DORIS DAY and SANDRA DEE had long been flushed down the toilet bowl.

The modern man prefers broads, or so we are led to think in this movie.

We are embracing the 21st century, the techno age of easy sex.

A rom-com is never complete, unless you ham it up with generous doses of premarital sex and “oh-yeah!” coital humpings.

I am saying this for anyone who loves horse riding.

Check the porn sites if you still have doubts.

“WHAT’S YOUR NUMBER?” hits home a dirty question that reeks of fornication.

What if someone out there is pestering to keep in touch for whatever reasons?

You wanna give or not?

We’ve here a raunchy, female-driven feature with a carefree script that will enthrall you with provoking lines pertaining to the female vagina, the sexual libido and the doggie-rear-entry position.

Oh, for fuck’s sake …..

You dig this?

Yeah, everything is based on Karyn Bosnak’s naughty novel “20 Times a Lady”. Must say that Karyn is some lady.

“WHAT’S YOUR NUMBER?” pretends to be a romantic romp but is really a shield for unbecoming sexual content and coarse language.

ANNA FARIS stars as Ally, a wide-eyed non-virgin who’s not been lucky in the love department. She wonders whether one of the guys she has written off in the past could have been her soulmate.

The premise here is that, for each woman, there is a magical number when it comes to love — if you haven’t found Mr. Right by the time you’ve slept with 20 guys, you’re unlikely to. (lol).

So Ally concocts a desperate idea. She attempts to track all her ex-bed mates down, giving each a second chance and trying to fix past mistakes along the way.

Colin  (CHRIS EVANS) plays a sexy, hunky, struggling musician with a string of one-night stands. He loves fornicative sex and one-night stands and he lives right across the hall from Ally. Very convenient.

He is also a nudist who retrieves his morning paper in the buff, with just a teeny-weeny towel to cover his privates. Yeah, he’s engorgingly big!

Naturally he and Ally will meet – because the scriptwriters demand so.

The two sex fiends soon develop a barter arrangement — he’ll help track down her exes if he can utilize her apartment to flee from the love-stricken female tarts he has seduced and bedded the night before.

Now, as time goes by, the two unlike opposites find a mutual sexual attraction and fall in love.

“Don’t touch me, no sex ….” at first, but …….. go guess – but there’s no reward for arriving at a brainless, simple answer.

This movie, directed by MARK MYLOD skates the thin line between the romantic and risque, and no one would ever notice, if not for the affable chemistry of ANNA FARIS and CHRIS EVANS.

The film director tries an emotional twist at the end.

The attempt may be sincere, yet it appears to be ineffective and prosaic.

There’s a quote from American author ROBERT FULGHUM whereby he says: “When we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall into mutually satisfying weirdness and call it love – true love.”

That’s aptly describing the two preposterous leads Ally and Colin.

If, for want of nothing better to do after work, go catch this goofy movie.

Who knows, when the credits roll, you may get cheesy and tickled all over.


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