Wednesday, October 26, 2011

“TRESPASS” Movie Review. What’s SAUCE for the GOOSE is NOT sauce for the GANDER.



You can say that I am still seized with this bout of guilty pleasure after attending the preview of “TRESPASS”.

This is to warn myself that I have been treading on treacherous grounds.

All I did was to let my hair down and went with the flow.

I put myself through the sadistic terror the baddies inflicted on the corporate man, his woman and their daughter in a wealthy suburban abode.

Now, this film has taken a severe beating and garners the most of negative, scathing reviews from the world. You just leave it to the armchair critics and they’d have lots to gripe about.

I view it differently. Hence the guilty pleasure.

My point here is, in life, as in everything, not every great mind thinks alike. It’s best that you exercise your own opinion.

You can always be the one-in-a-hundred person.

Maybe I am the odd-one-out who see things a little differently, think a little differently and observe matters far more differently.

What is sauce for the goose may not be sauce for the gander.



But the REEL star of this home invasion thriller  is the gloriously elegant, desolate mansion where the entire story takes place, all within the span of a single night.

Sarah (KIDMAN) is an architect who’s happily married (or maybe not) to Kyle Miller (CAGE), a diamond merchant.

They are a seemingly upper class couple with an exclusive beautiful abode decked with the trappings of wealth.

Hold on there, all that glitters may not be gold.

There’s also, a lovely but rebellious daughter Avery (LIANA LIBERATO) added to complicate the parable.

Their luxurious lifestyle has inadvertently attracted a bunch of greedy thieves who plan to usurp their wealth.

Ten minutes into the film, on this fateful night, the unruly gang storm into the household and demand that the safe be opened.

They covet the contents – easy money to last them a lifetime.

Kyle knows that if he were ever to hand over the goods, the entire family’s lives will be extinguished, so he bids time, on whatever luck he can amass.

With a mix of bravado, Kyle enters into a deadly negotiation with the crooks, hoping that his ploy will pay off.

What ensues afterwards is a cat-and-mouse game in which a mayhem of loyalties are tested.

We witness screaming, cursing, punching, scrambling and threats amid the chaos.

Twisted revelations begin to surface – all within the confines of this stately home.

Secrets are out of the bag, lies are told to keep the viewer guessing whether there’s more to meet the eye.

Is the beautiful wife really faithful?  Or is the classy family just a showcase?

Things aren’t quite what they seem.

“TRESPASS” is competently directed by JOEL SCHUMACHER who took 40 days to film a one-night home invasion drama.

There’s a stark morale that we can learn from this movie.

First, lock your door at all times.

Second, don’t be such an absolute idiot to open your floodgate unprepared.

You may usher in unwelcome strangers who will terrorize your family.

“TRESPASS” is dedicated to die-hard fans of NICOLAS CAGE and NICOLE KIDMAN.

It is not that bad, really.

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