Sunday, March 25, 2012

“THE HUNGER GAMES” Movie Review. Behold the barbaric GAMES of DEATH.


This feature film may run for almost two-and-a-half hours, but assuredly, there’s never going to be a dull moment.

The pulsating pace and tempo will uplift your adrenaline rush – as you are hazily ushered through a spectrum of poetic gloom and doom.

Exercise your suspension of disbelief, thrust your skepticism aside and swear silently, if you are to fully comprehend the brutal mayhem of the senseless butcherings that are assembled here for your virtual enjoyment.

Film director GARY ROSS demonstrates a bleak platform where lives are as good as a dime a dozen, so you can dispense with any numbers.

You will be treated with loads of blood and gore, of teens plundering one another, where children of a future realm are taught that, in a survival game, there can only be one victor.

Action aplenty, suspense some and a faint trickle of heart.

This terse sci-fi journey is spawned with shocking revelations at every stop.

Out there, among the audience, you are likely to react with a sense of despair and cynicism that permeates this futuristic civilization.

“THE HUNGER GAMES”  is the latest book-to-film adaptation.

It is the first of 4 planned films based on the trilogy of a young adult bestseller by SUZANNE COLLINS.

Expectation-wise, it does not fail.

 GARY ROSS accomplishes the nail-biting excitement that hits the high spots using action to define character.

JENNIFER LAWRENCE is every critic’s darling, and is a joy to behold as she delivers a heart-and-a-soul into her lead role.

The film opens on a dystopian North America, a tyrannical government is planning an annual televised gladiatorial competition, in which young people are selected to fight to the death.

Every year, a young boy and girl, age 12 to 16, are picked from each district to take part in a televised outdoor survival death match called The Hunger Games.

 When Katniss Everdeen (JENNIFER LAWRENCE) and her old friend Peeta Mellark (JOSH HUTCHERSON) compete in the competition, they team up to survive, and their alliance poses a threat to the established order.

This film glorifies brutality and barbaric violence that invokes modern struggles, and raises questions regarding cultural clashes and government abuse in a futuristic world.

 ”THE HUNGER GAMES” illustrates what a futuristic fascist society is like: mean, cold and merciless.

As you debate, this film is going to laugh its way to bank in terms of box office takings.

Three cheers!

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