Monday, March 5, 2012

WE are all CAPABLE of doing BAD THINGS. Don't We?

Surely it's not only bad people who do bad things.

Good people also do bad things.

Only they hide behind a facade and they don’t tell you.

Once in a while, everyone does bad things...

There’s this seemingly vengeful streak in all of us,

that we are all capable of being bad in order to stay alive.

Fighting office politics, war politics, competitive politics, whatever.

So how do we deal with our inner self and find that redemption factor?

There is no room within my heart
for revenge, fire or hate
there is no room within my mind
for any thoughts like these.

I cannot find the words to say
just how it is I feel
but I know from deepest hurt
I must forgiveness find.

The hurt that’s been done to us
cuts sore like a knife,
but we must not, repay in kind
what has been done to us.

Instead we must try and find
the way that is so hard,
and reach out our loving hands
to find some friendship now.

There can be no more healing thing
than opening wide our eyes
and seeing that most other folks
are really just like us.

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