Tuesday, March 20, 2012

“THE VOW” Movie Review. LOVE means NOT having to say YOU are SORRY.


Trick or treat, THE VOW is positioned as a soulful, nostalgic film.

So go watch it with someone you care about.

It has a potent and moving  brew, and is a definitive classy cocktail of intimate drama.

There’s plenty to like about this film:

it is well-made, well acted and goodlooking with a luring score that’s set to sear your tear ducts.

THE VOW explores both love and pain in their finer moments and is a celebration of love.

It’s aptly directed by MICHAEL SUCSY with emotive acting from RACHEL McADAMS and CHANNING TATUM.

The film may connect well with some people on an emotional or visceral level, so do bring along a packet of tissues.

Love is presented here as a fascinating visual essay.

THE VOW is said to be based on a true life story on Kim and Krickitt Carpenter who are real-life husband and wife.

They met with a severe traffic accident way back in the 1990s.

 Krickitt suffered intense injuries from the crash. And when she regained consciousness, she had no recollections whatever, of dating her husband – much less of being married to him.

Kim then decided to woo his own wife all over again, in a determined effort to win her heart the second time around.

CHANNING TATUM and RACHEL McADAMS take on the roles of the husband and wife respectively.

Love means different things to different people as this film will be.

The young and the lovey dovies will surely appreciate the yearning and the angst portrayed in this bitter-sweet amnesia story about falling in love twice.

The baby boomers may find the “vanilla” plot a tad formulaic and irksome.

Let’s borrow an old famous line from a 1970 classic called LOVE STORY which says: “LOVE MEANS NOT HAVING TO SAY YOU ARE  SORRY.”

Yeah, imagine a cold, lifeless world out there, devoid of romance.


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