Friday, March 30, 2012



“MIRROR MIRROR” the movie is a loadful of family-fun, so it is safe to bring everybody.

It is a hilarious retelling of the GRIMM BROTHERS’ fairy tale, of SNOW WHITE the legendary princess.

LILY COLLINS the young actress who takes on the title role is oh-so-sweet.

She’ s a new beauty to gawk at with her thick luscious eye brows that might stir in you the feeling in you that she could be bushy in parts.

And gorgeous JULIA ROBERTS flares her large nostrils and enormous mouth with smirk, glee and pure wickedness, as she tackles an opportunistical verbal stab now and then – at the present day governmental politics, with a slew of other self-deprecating jokes extolling womankind’s vanity and insecurity.

She clearly shows us that she is indeed having a whale of a time.

ARMIE HAMMER the personable lead actor plays a goofish and sometimes, nerdy Prince Alcott.

Intended to or not, he provides some comic relief.

The fabled seven dwarfs are portrayed as pint-sized gutsy bandits who rob for a living.

Film director TARSEM SINGH is Indian of course, and he’s very much into  his element when he bestows the audience with a cute rollicking Bollywood dancey number as the credits roll at the end, so much so that the audience is grooving and goofing it all up with sheer reluctance to leave the cinema.

TARSEM dresses the movie in fine style, with a dash of raw humor and intelligent quibbling. There’s fluff, there’s buff, aligned with a sound balance.

This is the premise that kicks the movie an octave leap above the clutter and the din.

What works is the imagery-filled execution.

Take note that from the fantastical landscape to the derelict village to the foreboding forest, most scenes are fabricated in a set-bound environment.

There are stunning elements, chiefly among them the dazzling colorful costumes worn by JULIA ROBERTS and LILY COLLINS a la fashion extravaganza.

The sum of it all is, here’s a jolly old tale with a smart,enjoyable retelling.

Go watch it for all it’s worth.

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