Sunday, December 12, 2010

FIAT, lead CROONER of THAI Band LINK CORNER. “LIFE’s a SONG, so just LET it BE.”

I must admit that I can be totally immersed, listening to FIAT, lead crooner of Thai band LINK CORNER, when he sings.

He’s truly mesmerizing, the intense way he delivers the lyrics.

You can feel the vibrancy of soul in his songs, the pain, the angst, the love.

It’s like one gigantic magical painting of the emotive self.

But I daresay we did not hit it off well in the first instance when a mutual friend introduced us,

but the scene now is past tense,

just like water off a duck’s back.


We were both hot-headed and the weather was humid.

We did not see clarity in one mind then, allowing professional arguments to set in.

We can both joke about that uncomely situation now.

“Never the twains shall meet”?

Not quite so – as Art and Science may be long, but life is short.

It’s all about live and let live.

FIAT is a THAI new-age singer who swears that he can be one sensitive soul.

It’s a healthy indulgence, he beams, to keep my creative juices flowing in order to compose more songs.

“In everything I do, I thrive on a latent amount of creativity and this reflex exercise delves deep into the recesses of my mind.”

LET IT BE, as JOHN LENNON aptly professed in his famous song.

“I have learnt to watch my own drama of life and career intertwined, while at the same time knowing that I, the person is very much, MORE than my own drama.”

he explains.

FIAT is a popular deejay by profession who’s game for creative pursuits such as song writing.

The following is an account of my candid interview with him:

1. Many bands have come and gone in recent years, so how do you ensure that LINK CORNER is not going to be just another flash-in-the-pan?

We are not positioned as a pretty boy band. We believe in raw talent which we have, to maintain the scene. We work hard, we revamp, we compose our own songs, we aim to be different all the time. This is our unique selling proposition.

2. What is Link Corner and how does the name come about?

Link Corner is a name of a fabric sewing machine, this name is derived from one of our x member who used to work in a factory, he listed us different names for us to pick from when we had to pick a name to produce our own cds.

3. How many guys in total group and are you lead singer?

3 members Ter Guitarist/Songwriter , Fiat Vocal/Songwriter ,Chart Bassist and all of us are responsible to arrange our own part, like doing homework to find the best way to play our part or seeking more references to finding new sound to the piece.

4. You have cut only one EP or single …?

So far we used to cut one EP and mostly singles, this is our first time we’ve just launched the full album under Warner Music Thailand. , took us 5 years from the first single we ever released.

5. How long has this group been in existence?

7 years

6. Do you all compose your own songs?

Most of the songs 80%

7. Not all songs found on you tube are recorded on EP, right?

All songs on youtube are on recorded EPs too!

8. How do you all spend your time professionally, public performances in such places as SIAM SQUARE or…?

We go on media , performing on TVs and at different venues, this coming Sat , we playing on Channel 7 , national TV, our name is known and our singles have gotten into many charts through out the country, so we are pretty excited.

9. What are future plans for your band in the face of competitive singers on the rise?

We plan to make more good music and be true to ourselves, and enjoy every moment of it while it lasts.. competition is unavoidable so I guess we just gotta keep doin but mostly of all enjoying it.

10. Would you consider an alternative career in acting?

Hell no. But who knows, man? If the right script and offer comes along, why not?

I asked FIAT if he has anything to say to his fans.

And here’s his parting shot:

“EXPERIENCE is a teacher.

Both pain and happiness teach us about LIFE.

When I look back I can see how experiences have contributed to my growing process.

Of course LIFE itself is a school.

And we are still learning and will continue to do so until we die.”

Thoughtful wise words from a wise guy.

Carpe diem, FIAT.

Wanna listen to FIAT’s original compositions?

I have uploaded two hits here from YOU TUBE for you to relish.


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