Sunday, December 19, 2010

“Just CALL me NOBODY” 大笑江湖 Movie Review. The MISADVENTURES of a NINCOMPOOP.



You can expect this movie to be as goofy as it can get, going by the title.

The English translation is “Big laughter in the Martial Arts World”.

And it’s a comely excuse to usher in a brand new year with a loadful of guffaws.

The Chinese really believe that a good dose of spontaneous laughter is important to warm our hearts, makes the world go round and we, in turn, will reap abundant “harvests”.


Then treat this as a martial arts comedic offering from Taiwanese director CHU YEN PING who has been in hibernation for a good couple of years.

His last notable credit was KUNG FU DUNK, remember?

He is back, in top form to celebrate the year-end festivities with this nonsensical action flick, so pray, stop looking so glum.

Our film director wants to escort you on a blind adventure, to get tickled pink with the raucous jokes he laces in the movie, so as to justify his expectations.

He has summoned a crazy potpourri of the hottest ASIAN comedians from Taiwan (Tien Niu, Kelly Lin, Xiao Xiao Bin, Jacky Wu), Mainland China (Xiao Shen Yang), Singapore (Mark Lee) and Hong Kong (Eric Tsang) to render the precarious merry-go-round of fun-fun-fun, so there!

CHU YEN PING hopes his feature make money.

So be kind, pass the word around.

Rally your friends and family to the cinema to appraise his film and he will reap good returns.

“JUST CALL ME NOBODY” tells the story of a love-lorn cobbler (Xiao Shen Yang) who’s besotted with a pretty damsel (Kelly Lin) he encounters in a chance meeting.

He then sets out on a perilous quest in search of his lady love, and what follows in his version of a martial arts world is a series of misadventures tussling thugs and villians along the way.

You will be gaping at gags of absurd Kung Fu action, designed to make you roar with laughter.

In “JUST CALL ME NOBODY”, everything goes wrong when it plays just right.

The premise would seem to be a boy meets girl, falls in love and goes to look for her.

And as this event takes place against a martial arts background, you just throw in a sprinkle of sub-plots with nasty, devilish murderers to ensure the audience’s curiosity is sufficiently piqued.

It is positioned as a COMEDY here and comedies depend on the execution.

“JUST CALL ME NOBODY” has just about the right ingredients to keep you entertained, if only you suspend disbelief and have nowhere to go after work.

It’s a very watchable film, done with some style and worthy aplomb.

Yeah, RIGHT.

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