Wednesday, December 22, 2010

“THE TOURIST” Movie Review. Beware! BEAUTY is KNOWN for its deadly FANGS.


Dare I say that “THE TOURIST” is akin to visual poetry?

Believably so.

It’s an engaging suspense thriller starring two of the world’s most fascinating celebrities, ANGELINA JOLIE and JOHNNY DEPP.

You have a pair of eye-scorching screen candies, a thought provoking plot, tough guys and a plucky dame, stylized art and heart-pumping action, all in one enthralling tale.

And they’re all assembled right before you, a feast for your eyes.

Do beware, though.

Nothing’s for free ….


An innocent man is relentlessly pursued by mobsters after a chance encounter with a drop dead gorgeous woman who has ill-intentions.

Johnny Depp is Frank Tupelo, an American tourist in Paris who finds himself seduced and embroiled in a romantic tryst with British sophisticate, Elise (Jolie).

It’s apparent that Elise is using Frank as a decoy, to put the Feds on his trail, so as to divert attention from her criminal lover Alexander Pearce .

Soon these two become involved in a unlikely romance that drags them through the breathtaking, postcard perfect backdrop of Paris and Venice, before entangling them in a deadly game of cat and mouse between Interpol detectives and trigger free mobsters.

THE TOURIST directed by Henckel von Donnersmarck, is adapted from a 2005 French film called Anthony Zimmer, and packs a solid supporting cast that includes Paul Bettany, Rufus Sewell, Timothy Dalton, and Steven Berkoff.

But the real winner of the entire ensemble is clearly the cinematographer John Seale, who beautifully shot Paris and Venice, and costume designer Colleen Atwood, who dressed Jolie and Depp with gorgeous outfits from head to toe.

The storyline is preposterous, offering more form than substance.

The script is banal, layered with cliches and does not justify the presence of two mega stars, who can be put to better use.

There are times when the movie tends to be over-dressed, as if oven-fresh with a series of haute couture parades.

Angelina Jolie struts like a mannequin, looking statuesque and stunning in every pose and angle. For sure, the film director von Donnersmarck is besotted by her swaying arse than her acting prowess.

And for Johnny Depp, he is being paid millions of dollars to look listless, like a dud who has little or no attachment with his leading lady. Sucks.

Whatever the case, big names like ANGELINA JOLIE and JOHNNY DEPP sell.

Well and good.

They are box-office magic.

They rake in the money.

Essentially, THE TOURIST is crafted for the beautiful people, the fashionistas, the die-hard fans of JOLIE and DEPP.

And for wielding this one star power alone, this feature movie can do nobody no wrong.

Go get charmed.

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