Monday, December 20, 2010

GULLIVER’S TRAVELS Movie Review. SIZE matters only IF it comes STRAIGHT from your HEART.


First, let’s delve into the STORY’s build-up:

Some folks lie from time to time,

in order to accomplish what they want.

Just like our lead character Lemuel Gulliver.

He ekes out a living as a small-time potato at a New York newspaper for ten years and is heading nowhere,

yet that does not stop him from cherishing his big-time dreams.

He aspires one day, to be a “GIANT among men” figuratively.

He unashamedly holds a torch for the attractive editor of travel stories (Amanda Peet), but it’s a secret love.

He applies for a writing job to impress her.

He connives a scheme to get this writing assignment which is about exploring the deep, dark secrets of the Bermuda Triangle.

As fate would have it, not long after, he is magically sucked into his “own tall story” and is transported to an unimaginable land, Lilliput.

It’s his own doing.

A justifiable punishment?

Stay tuned.

Gulliver is washed ashore and finds himself strapped hands and legs with shackles as an alien prisoner of the tiny Lilliputians before they find common ground to be friends.

He starts fabricating absurd tales about anything and everything to gain favors from the “little people”, taking credit for the world’s greatest inventions, and positioning himself at the center of the world’s most historic events.

In this “dream-come-true” new world, Gulliver finds that he has suddenly developed a bigger-than-life figure – both in size and ego.

Gulliver’s image is boosted even further when he leads his new friends in a ferocious battle against their longtime enemies.

But this battle is foolishly fought and lost, and puts the Lilliputians in peril.

There’s a redemption factor though, at the end of the movie.

Gulliver learns a moral lesson in life that one can truly be a true giant among men when he eats humble-pie,

that action must speak louder than words,

and it is the “big-ness” within (the unselfish heart) that truly matters.

Swiss psychiatrist CARL GUSTAV JUNG acknowledges this situation best, in his wise words:

“Your vision will become clear only when you look deep into your HEART.

Who looks outside, dreams.

Who looks INSIDE, awakens.”

Now, here’s the CHARACTERS’ TEAR DOWN:

The press screening is not offered in glorious 3D,

though it would have helped to appraise some parts in the splendor of the 3D phenomenon.

But this Reviewer is pleasantly surprised at how much he enjoyed the show.

He had expected to critique a mindless slapstick yarn, but no – this movie has more style and substance that outweighs the spoofy notion.

GULLIVER’S TRAVELS is one wholesome, family entertainment ably directed by ROB LETTERMAN, aimed to instill the “feel-good” festive feeling prior to Christmas.

There are silly moments that are cheesy and predictable – but emotively the film can be visually appealing and occasionally heartfelt.

GULLIVER’S TRAVELS aspires to be a great comedy to usher in the YULETIDE season with JACK BLACK as a comedic genius creating a simple character oozing old fashioned charm and congeniality.

His portrayal of Gulliver is one of boundless enthusiasm that’s set to win our votes.

And yeah, he is affably cute.

To sum it all up, it is a JACK BLACK’s movie tailored for his legion of fans.

Children will find GULLIVER’S TRAVELS as one dazzling, remarkable cinematic fantasy.


And kindly jingle your bells. (guffaw).

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