Wednesday, December 22, 2010



First, you try to pronounce the word “FOCKERS”.

It’s one tantalizing word.

It’s wreaking havoc upon my imagination.

I might get slapped with a R-rating here for even harboring such a vulgar thought.

But the fault ain’t mine as the film maker deliberately named it with an evil purpose.

The comely headline is “KIDS BRING EVERYONE CLOSER”, so won’t we be broaching on the subject of those FOCKER brats?

This season those FOCKER little terrors are going to bring the house down with their hilarious antics.

Christmas fun abounds, so move in with the flow and let your hair down.

The movie is spiced with gags to keep you in stitches, but they are for mature audiences. Teenagers might get tickled pink because the jokes poke fun at sex and bodily functions. Children below the age of 13 would probably be clueless.

MEET THE PARENTS: LITTLE FOCKERS is the third movie in this comedy series featuring the Fockers and of course, their extended family the Byrnes.

The first, followed by the second enjoyed smashing successes at the box office, now spawning a third.

IN A TIGHT NUTSHELL, Greg (Ben Stiller) is still the nerd who’s been trying very hard to please his intimidating father-in-law Jack (Robert De Niro) for a decade.

When Greg finally gets to earn the self-righteous Jack’s trust, problems creep in.

How else would you expect from a paper thin storyline?

Jack’s suspicion peaks when Greg takes on another job at a drug company to earn extra cash.

Well, Greg needs the “extras” to build a better dream home and sending the kids to the best school. All for the family.

The father-in-law is oblivious of Greg’s financial status. Or that he doesn’t want to know.

The film is directed by smart guy Paul Weitz.

The A-Lister cast ensemble comprises Ben Stiller, Robert De Niro, Barbara Streisand, Owen Wilson, Teri Polo, Blythe Danner, Jessica Alba, Harvey Keitel and Dustin Hoffman.

They swear that we are all going to have a whole bus load of fun with them!

The main problem is, with so many famous faces, every single one of these people will need a decent amount of screen time.

So what has changed since the last two smashing successes?

Greg is still a male nurse but he’s promoted now and presides over things is his department.

Roz Focker (Barbra Streisand) is as harebrained as usual, finally getting to do her own TV show where she unashamedly exposes Greg’s sexual problems over telecast.

Bernie Focker (Dustin Hoffman) is listlessly learning to dance the Flamingo in Spain.

To top all these, there’s Pam’s domineering dad, Jack (Robert DeNiro) who demands that Greg be a GOD FOCKER.

Last but not least there is sexy Andi Garcia (Jessica Alba) who is adamant to ensnare Greg as a rep for her erectile dysfunction medication called Sustengo that works wonders for heart patients to enjoy vigorous sex without risking attacks.


What follows are loads of misunderstandings, spying and merry-go-rounds by Jack.

It’s one riotous hippie-hip-hip racket here to rock you,

and to spread the Yuletide cheer all around.

An above board, predictable storyline

but the film director’s treatment and the glittering cast ensures a strong entertainment package.

You are treated to a select variety of delicacies pleasing to the most refined palate here, to beckon you on an enjoyable experience of 99 minutes.



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