Friday, December 3, 2010

“MY SOUL TO TAKE” Movie Review. A Slashing Bloodcurdling Thriller.

“MY SOUL TO TAKE” Press Preview.

Hell, no!

This ain’t gonna be one sweet movie spilling selfless love intertwined with a soul.

From from it.

Rather, “MY SOUL TO TAKE” is a suspense horror slasher, roller coasting you round a treacherous bend, spewing blood and gore along the way.

The chain of bizarre events will surely make you squirm.

Horror films on butchery can be typically formulaic, well-worn and soul-less.

And anyone who has gone through a myriad of screaming flicks can attest to have probably watched thousands of people being mutilated onscreen.

Feeling nauseous?

Then stay out.

You’re feeling good reading this?

Then this feature film is definitely your cup of tea.

Originally titled “TWENTY FIVE EIGHT”, it’s been renamed as “MY SOUL YOU TAKE”.

Master of goosebumps WES CRAVEN wrote and directed the flick,

describing the hauntings of a serial killer, the RIVERTON RIPPER, who declares on the day he died that he will return to wreak havoc and ravage the children of his local town.

Revenge is sweet.

The name WES CRAVEN needs no introduction to horror buffs.

He’s a creative helmer in exposing the nature of reality vs dreams, as we can see in his famed A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET.

“MY SOUL TO TAKE” may not be his best film to date, but it can still warrant media attention.

Fast forward the story to 16 years later, and we have this obnoxious group of teenagers, a spate of gory murders, and – the chance that said killer’s soul might return from his grave.

Whether the killer has come back from the dead as he declared he would …..

Or that he was never dead to begin with,

Or whether the killer is one of the seven kids …..

is a question the audience is left to ponder throughout the duration of the film.

The film director has spawned ample “red herrings” here and there, throughout the movie to keep us guessing who’s the killer and his real motive.

Lurking behind the mystery lies a secret ….. not of this world.

One of the protagonists, ADAM “Bug” HELLER (MAX THIERIOT) holds the clue to uncover the mystery because his past is connected with the killer.

He was supposed to have perished on the night his father went insane.

Unaware of his father’s murderous crimes, he has been plagued by nightmares since he was a baby.

Now, he alone has to face the evil that is threatening to kill them all.

Kudos to the cute actor MAX THIERIOT who plays the troubled teenager.

He’s superb!

There’s an ample sprinkling of intriguing suspense.

Truth be told that it can sometimes be a therapeutic relief to witness irksome, incorrigible teenagers running amok

and being slaughtered one-by-one, all earning their just desserts.

Don’t we all agree that the bad must be severely punished?

Watching devious damsels and big bullies being bludgeoned to death in the movies can be an eerie form of escapism, for some.

The world exists as a better place without evil.

This movie is a treat for fans who relish tales of the macabre.

and for those who aspire to have their wits challenged by the nasty surprise that is awaiting at the end of the drama.

WES CRAVEN packages this movie as a bloodcurdling thriller.

Yes, fear can change everything.

While it relishes a good premise for a spooky story, the directing tends to be sketchy in certain parts.

In the annals of modern fear, few films had as deep an impact as WES CRAVEN’s 1977 cult classic THE HILLS HAVE EYES.

It was gritty, ferocious and relentlessly suspenseful.

In “MY SOUL TO TAKE”, he laces a lavish of eye candies (pretty boys and beautiful girls) on a platter,

then have them gleefully slashed, butchered and dismembered.

Not a nice thing to do, right?

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