Friday, December 24, 2010




Chill, folks.

Draw the curtains, stay indoors.

Didn’t you see the apparition lurking in the shadows outside?

She’s back for the haunting,

She’s not gonna leave you alone,

She’s out to drink your blood.

Now, when did this happen?

How did this story start?

Hush, baby. Here’s the SECRET:

Take this elder sister.

Her name is BOWIE, a ravishingly sexy Thai actress.

She loves her younger sister, very much and will go the long mile for her, any time.

Her younger sister is CEE, doe-eyed, sweet and so beguiling, and has this roguish boyfriend called AOF.

Through BOWIE’s connections, CEE clinches a lead role in a big budget feature film.

So you see, in the celluloid world, it is never what you know, but WHO you know to get you some place.

Hopefully not a quick ticket to HELL though.

But who knows?

Happiness is all around, until AOF decides to intervene with CEE’s career.


AOF is broke, needs money and wants a piece of the action.

AOF also has a girl friend on the side, called YING, who eventually throws herself from a tall residential building into the pool below, when AOF dumps her.

So YING’s spirit will come ahaunting

and then revenge is sweet, right?


Now, our REEL story begins …..

All THAI movies distributed overseas are cleverly highlighted as THAI box-office HIT number 1, irrespective of whether they are or not.

How are we to know, really?

Whether this bit holds water or not, we must realize that this is MY EX2: Haunted Lover is spawned from the box office success of its predecessor MY EX1.

The film director is PIYAPHAN CHUPET and the stars are BADIN DUKE, MARION AFFOLTER and PETE THONG-JEUR – as if you have heard of these names.

The Thai Film Board and Distributors never bothered to promote their artistes out of Thailand, much less care about the awful English sub-titling.

It has little to offer in terms of “new-ness” to the realm of Asian ghost movies, but it handled the conventions well, piling frightful scene upon frightful scene as a vengeful ghost seeks payback against those who wronged her.

For horror fans, you will be treated with loads of awesome blood and gruesome gore.

This film is layered with twisted revelations towards the end, where things are not as placid as they seem and that beauty can be a lethal weapon.

To savor THE HAUNTED LOVER, keep your concoctions simple.

Take it with a pinch of salt and a twist of lemon.

The film director could have focused on the character development of the leads instead of spawning screamy and squirmish escapades non-stop to create the shocks.

Interesting plot but tiresome execution mars the enjoyment of an otherwise absorbing film about vengeful hauntings.

Oh, lest I forget, this Reviewer is nursing a bad headache from the super loud eerie soundtrack that accompanies the gory scenes.

It’s a real turn-off to have the noise so earsplitting and explosively jarring.

We are not stone deaf.

The audio people at Kantana Post in Bangkok, kindly take note!

As the credits roll at the final frame, this Reviewer had to rush to grab some aspirins from the nearby pharmacy, to keep himself from reeling.

Such is the reward for watching MY EX: HAUNTED LOVER.

The hauntings are tagged with a price.

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  1. why did they had to copy some ideas from "Drag me to hell" for example the "stuck in dah mud wid mah homies" bit -.-