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In LIFE, whatever YOURS will remain YOURS.

There’s no two ways about it.

Even with this tangy element called love.

Love can be evasive and tricky – but it’s one-hell of a destiny.

Fate empowers all the adornments of love.

You are either fated to be in love or stay out of it.

If you are destined to meet the one you'd eventually marry, you surely will, even when the odds are not in your favor.

You may be zillion of miles apart from her, on either end of the globe

but fate will worm its way to bridge this distance.

Love transcends borders.

It’s proven.

On the other hand, two persons may dwell in the same neighborhood, yet neither the twain shall meet.

Fate charts the course of true love.

And the path of true love never does run smooth.


“BTS” aka BANGKOK TRAFFIC LOVE STORY is a sweet, delicious THAI romantic comedy, with a distinct THAI flavor throughout.

It was screened in THAILAND in October 2009 and was a smashing hit.

The Thai girls went oh-ga-ga over it and “BTS” achieved the highest grossing box-office returns for that year.

It’s all about a slit-eyed and terribly lonely Mei Li (SIRIN HORWANG) who just turns 30 and still very much available.

Everybody who’s close to her is either married or engaged but she’s still loveless.

Her predicament causes her to panic as she does not want to be an unwanted item displayed on the shelf. Won’t you?

Enter doe-eyed Lung (KEN THEERADEJ) a strapping sexy hunk who is also a BTS engineer. He works in the perpetual night shift and sleeps by day. Yet their paths cross and she has the hots for him and deems him as a prize catch.

She initiates her first move and intends to fiercely snare him as he is still availably single.

But to her chagrin, not everything is moving according to plans.

So Mei Li’s love quest becomes a challenge.

Will she land up with Lung?

KEN THEERADEJ is Thailand’s much loved actor and he lifts this movie up from an otherwise tedious, mundane, lovelorn script.

I have always revered him as “the best” since he played a young besotted student who carried a torch for a much older woman in the 2001 version of the THAI classic – “BEHIND THE PAINTING”

His stronghold is in the THAI family dramas where he’s paid a handsome sum per episode comparable to the CHINA actors, which is at least 6 to 8 times of whatever the artistes are receiving in Malaysia and Singapore. Surprise?

Take note that the THAI population to-date has reached 62 million people.

All these years, KEN has lost none of the latent charm and has actually gone from strength-to-strength.

In fact fatherhood (he has recently married) has added a quiet steely maturity to his overall personality but he still has all the trappings of a martinee idol.

Kudos, KEN.

China-bred, Singapore based Qi YU WU bears a remarkable semblance to KEN THEERADEJ’s persona, or so I think, having met KEN a couple of times.

Filming of this feature film was sponsored by the BTS as part of their 10th anniversary in 2009, and is therefore necessary that many didactic scenes depicting maintenance work on the system and its infrastructure are shown.

Directed by ADISORN TRESIRIKASEM, this is no angel of a movie.

There are stark depictions of crapping in the toilet, the spewing of vomits and suggestive fornications. Thai style of humor in generous doses, maybe.

Yet you do get hot flushes of love, sweetness, yearning and then some.

That said, “BTS” has earned numerous Thai awards, and these achievements speak volumes.


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