Tuesday, March 15, 2011


A picture says a thousand words.

This one piques my attention, as it’d surely catch yours.

Jokes can be “made” to border on the squirmish,

and I think this one is packaged to look ridiculously funny.

Do not go ballistic.

There are, as always, scores of rights and loads of wrongs.

Life’s too short for over-zealous spite.

Fun, yes.

Share true-blue jokes, get tickled pink.

Do you have an unconventional invention that people need to know about?

Do you know of a creative product that people should take a peek?

For bawling out loud,

Everybody enjoys dirty banter!

Even normal minds go overboard once in a while …..

There’s a simplicity in creativity if you seek it.

Simplicity can come in the exotic, erotic, neurotic, if you must.

Imagine such a tantalizing liquid soap dispenser set in a public toilet.

Great minds ….. errhhhh …..

A little bit of SOAP from a sexy dispenser?

Not funny enough?

Then you are born for greater things.

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