Thursday, March 3, 2011

“RANGO” Animated Film Review. WORTH waiting for, EVEN if it’s ONE too MANY.

“RANGO” Animated Film Preview

Let’s just say that too much of a good thing kills.

In recent months, there’s been a brewing storm-in-a-teacup on the subject of ANIMATED FEATURES.

We are spoiled for choice, with this endless deluge of motion cartoons on our platter.

It’s little wonder that anyone can get to be giddy-headed and animation-weary.

Are you an animated film snob?

Less can be more, in terms of quality.

Thanks to the marvels of the 3-D theatrical phenomenon, production houses worldwide are already smelling the cash, and are jumping on the bandwagon.

The heydays of cartoons and animated characters are definitely back.

Animation is big time, folks.

And the general audience by now would have gotten use to strapping on the special glasses and paying a little hefty extra for the price of a cinema ticket.

“RANGO” is another of those animated films that lay claim to being a blockbuster.

Thankfully, this one treads precariously on the old school, dispensing with the irksome 3-D.

At least JOHNNY DEPP’s name is on the bright lights lending his famous voice to this uncanny cartoon chameleon.

It may be his redemption exercise, after his recent dismal foray in that insipid “THE TOURIST”.

The “RANGO” character is personality-perplexed, a bug-eyed chameleon voiced by the ubiquitous JOHNNY DEPP.

He is a blur blob and at most times, deadbeat.

The feature is directed by GORE VERBINSKI (Pirates of the Caribbean), and it’s nicely done.

It’s a neatly assembled piece, no doubt.

RANGO could be one of the best computer animated films in recent years.

The action may start slowly at first,

but like a good workout, the “burn” comes on after fifteen minutes where the story takes off, cantering with a faint gallop before moving into full gear.

“Weirdo” characters take centerstage in a mood and tone that are peppered with stitching guffaws.

RANGO is a house pet chameleon who ends up lost in the desert and becomes the sheriff of a dusty town called Dirt that is facing a devastating drought.

Dirt is a frontier town in the baking hot Nevada desert.

This SPAGHETTI Western that will give ” True Grit” a run for its money. It even features a cute schoolgirl in pigtails, only in this film she’s a rat.

All the unlikely Wild West figures are there — from the boarish cigar-chewing mayor to the mean undertaker — and all played by a variety of mangy looking animals.

Providing voice duties are Brits Alfred Molina, Bill Nighy and Ray Winstone, alongside Harry Dean Stanton and Isla Fisher.

The surprisingly cute RANGO has hoodwinked his way into becoming Sheriff and soon finds himself up against a gang of gun-toting varmints and the suspicious disappearance of the town’s water supply.

Like, wow.

Please take note that this Reviewer wants to dispense with all the boring, highbrow technicalities on how a great CGI animated film should be “dressed” or made.

He is no expert on this.

It’s the film director’s business.

That said, “RANGO” is a quirky, computer-animated feature that is most ingenious, funny and wholesomely engaging.

It’s a gamely tribute to the era of spaghetti westerns,

yet it has a divine soul of its own.

“RANGO” is worth waiting for. Even if it’s just one too many.

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