Saturday, March 19, 2011

“JUST GO WITH IT” Movie Review. Courting LOVE in One Silly Merry-go-Round.


Someone is damn right.

I can’t say I like ADAM SANDLER very much.

Nor his brand of comedies.

He was a total put-off in “GROWN UPS”.

Now he’s back again with JENNIFER ANISTON, the sweetest gal-next-door who’s not exactly that young.

ANISTON is working her butt out, doling out film after film and her coffer must be immensely full.


That’s HOLLYWOOD for you.

When you’re one step up the rung, producers will knock incessantly on your door to read their scripts.

And you just have to make one box office flop and these offers will start to dwindle.

Everything about the entertainment world is fake and brutal, with plastic smiles floating around aplenty.

You need not stay around long enough to know.

Let’s not tarry with the synopsis of this romantic comedy.

“JUST GO WITH IT” is all about one goofy plastic surgeon Danny (ADAM SANDLER) who’s besotted with a much younger schoolteacher after he gets tired of meaningless fornications with sex-starved women.

He now desires a soul-mate albeit sex toy.

It is anybody’s guess whether he is in love or in lust.

The heat is on.

Danny the loser always wear a wedding ring as some kind of decoy, and conjures the absurd story about being abused by a non-existent wife which causes all manners of gorgeous women to pity him and hop into bed with him.

That easy, scriptwriter?

That is, until he meets Palmer (BROOKLYN DECKER)

Our sweet and beguiling Miss Palmer is one self-conceited egghead who acts and dresses like the 60s Hollywood bimbo BO DEREK.

But this pretentious sexpot is smart at reverse psychology.

She does not want to be seen as a home-wrecker. No way.

Danny may explain that he is on the throes of an impending divorce, but Palmer nevertheless insists she wants to meet the wife.

Hence Danny decides to enlist his loyal assistant Katherine (JENNIFER ANISTON) who happens to be a single working mom to portray his wife who’s suing him for divorce.

That plea comes with a tempting offer of an elite shopping spree plus a make-over in Beverly Hills.

Nothing’s for free, right?

Naturally Katherine accepts the barter and plays the ex-wife role.

However, when one lie conveniently leads to another, the entire farce suddenly backfires.

This is when Katherine’s kids become inadvertently involved, thereby throwing more fuel to the burning embers.

Now, to cut a meandering story short, everyone ends up in Hawaii including Danny’s cousin Eddie (NICK SWARDSON) who poses as Katherine’s lover.

By sheer chance, Katherine encounters an old rival, the superficial Devlin (NICOLE KIDMAN).

It’s here where all’s well than ends well and everybody lives happily ever after. Simply put.

Here’s a surprise.

NICOLE KIDMAN does a cameo here.

Her screen time is minimalistic, but she peremptorily steals the show each time she appears, creating the spontaneous guffaws in an otherwise mundane script.

The screen characters are likable, making this a better-than-average Adam Sandler feature.

Directed by DENNIS DUGAN, he intends it to be a feel-good, funny movie with a heart.

Disregard the vulgar connotations and sex talk.

In this age and time, these are hardly frowned upon.

Sincerity aside, this one may not have mass appeal as one man’s meat is another’s poison.

NICOLE KIDMAN and JENNIFER ANISTON wouldn’t have agreed to be in it if it ain’t any good.

JUST GO WITH IT and give it a fair chance.

Who knows, you might perceive things a little differently.

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