Friday, March 4, 2011

” BIG MOMMAS – Like Father, Like Son” Movie Review. ‘HE’ ain’t HEAVY. ‘HE’ is my BLACK MOMMA.

“BIG MOMMAS – Like FATHER, like SON” Press Preview

Welcome to the incorrigible flick “BIG MOMMAS- LIKE FATHER, LIKE SON”.

It’s the latest, and third in the MARTIN LAWRENCE’s comedy series about this blundersome FBI agent who has to delve undercover as a tubby matriarch.

Expect nothing new from this film.

The hero still cross-dresses, for voyeurs who shamelessly enjoy watching men parading in drag.

It’s the “he’s a WOMAN, she’s a MAN” genre.

What’s more, you get to see the MARTIN LAWRENCE exhibiting his saggy and cellulite driven body when he offers to model nude for a figure drawing class attended by female students.

(I almost puke).

“BIG MOMMAS” won’t just end here.

A loadful of crap?

Depending on which way you see it.

Some films are gleefully done, and then bludgeoned to death.

Like this one, treading on teeny wee ice.

MARTIN LAWRENCE reprises his role as Malcolm Turner, a federal agent who’s on the brink of nabbing Russian mobster Chirkoff (TONY CURRAN).

But his informant is killed and stepson Trent (BRANDON JACKSON), an aspiring black rapper witnesses the murder.

Both Malcolm and Trent must go undercover now at an all-girls performing arts academy. Like real.

More fluff than buff?


There are dry humor scantily spilled here and there as MARTIN LAWRENCE and BRANDON JACKSON are trying hard to justify their roles as goofy comedians. Nothing out of the extraordinary.

Whatever the shortcomings, the first two BIG MOMMAS brought some broad appeal then.

This third one stands on a limbo.

It’s an overkill, with too much of a good thing.

Here’s a grim lesson to show us

that there’s only so much essence you can extract from a drying prune.

There can be better ways to spend your time, if you ask me.


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