Monday, March 7, 2011

“BEASTLY”Movie Review. BEAUTY is but SKIN deep. Repeat this.




Only by delving deeper into the soul of that person can you learn if he is truly beautiful.

Looks are not everything.

And perceptions can shift over time.

If you’re starting to dislike a person, then that glowing feeling will surely vanish.

Circumstances can change.

Someone whom you previously ignore can now be the hottest dude in the world. It comes in a flash.

No prior warning.

Feelings have no explanations. They just come, when you least expect them.

Perception can take a nosedive, taking the love with it.

You either fall in love.

Or you step out.

You cannot rely on the exterior.

Beauty is but skin deep. Repeat.

Blogger KINKY ANGEL 69′s “BEAUTY” poem says for real, when she laments:

“Beauty is only skin deep

Beneath the surface of skin

Beneath the smile and eyes

There is a much greater beauty

That sometimes stays locked up inside

Beauty is only skin deep

Let it be free

Show your beauty from the inside out

It’s all inside waiting to be released.”

Hear this poet’s palpitations?

“BEASTLY” the movie is all about the preening of one male peacock who swears by his good looks and is beastly to everyone around him.

Of course he will meet his just desserts, as the story flows into the deeper end.

This dude is the obnoxious high schooler Kyle (Alex Pettyfer) who has all the trappings of looks and wealth.

He wastes no time to flaunt these.

And he relishes every opportunity to belittle people until he incurs the wrath of teen witch Kendra (Mary-Kate Olsen) who casts a vengeful spell on Kyle to teach him a worthy lesson.

Transforming his pretty boy face into a melange of scar tissue, tattoos, and open wounds, Kendra warns Kyle that he’d be maintaining this ugly exterior forever, unless he finds someone to love him.

Enter Lindy (Vanessa Hudgens) the impoverished scholarship student who sees behind Kyle’s facade and becomes the key to releasing him from his ugly-face prison.

Here’s a love story that has the potential to be sweet and disarming, but the film director Daniel Barnz’s meandering treatment brings forth the yawns.

And the subpar acting sabotage any chance at success.

So in which direction is the “BEASTLY” going?

We have here a little bit of heart and soul.

A little less of rock-and-roll.

Nothing more.

Everything less.

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