Sunday, March 20, 2011

BYRON PANG 彭罡原. Best New Actor NOMINEE for the 30th HONG KONG FILM AWARDS 2011. “In LIFE, every ACTOR will have his own SONG to SING.”

It has been an aesthetic pleasure working with Hong Kong ace fashion photographer PATRICK LAM to produce these stunning shots. I urged Patrick that BYRON PANG should be styled with a touch of elegance, at the same time enhancing his gritty boy-next-door looks. Patrick has not only done what I envisioned, but has created an amazing balance. Thanks, Patrick.

BYRON has worked on a gamut of roles, ranging from an invincible SWORDSMAN to a SHAOLIN MONK.

He has received focus training in the art of WUSHU for more than 10 years.

He speaks impeccable MANDARIN (with a clear TAIWANESE accent), ENGLISH, and naturally, CANTONESE.

“I relish a true sense of adventure and danger. I love competitive sports such as Martial Arts (Wushu), parachuting, bungee jumping, mountain climbing, mountain biking, car racing and deep sea diving. I have tried them all.”


Fashion Photography by PATRICK LAM (Hong Kong)

Whatever happened to cherubic BYRON PANG since his lead role in AMPHETAMINE 安非他命?

Lots, really.

Right now he’s a Best New Actor NOMINEE for the 30th Hong Kong Film Awards 2011.

Of course, he’s deliriously happy.

Hard work has paid off, and he’s being recognized now as a serious actor and not just a pretty face.

For the last many months, he has been attending the renowned festival circuits promoting AMPHETAMINE his debut feature film with him in the leading role.

So he’s been travelling, spending time mostly out of Hong Kong.

He’s trying his hand at writing a script, but please, no further comments as he’s keeping mum at this moment.

He’s also considering a European art house feature which would take him out of Hong Kong for a period of time.

His diary is full.

His manager is sieving through several scripts on hand, from around the region and he knows he’s going to be pretty busy the entire 2011 with the ongoing line-ups.

He is quoting MARIA ROBINSON’s verse when he says, “Nobody can go back and start a new beginning. But anyone can start TODAY and make a new ENDING”.


“I am like this bird that’s setting its hopes high because there’s a song to be sung if we all work hard,” he beams brightly.

“Every man sings his own song, and in life, you don’t just wait.” he adds.

BYRON reads Chinese philosophy.

“A mind is like a parachute. It doesn’t work if it’s not open” is his rationale at sensible experimenting before deciding on the straight path.

“Be your own soul, learn to live” is his motto for the thrills and spins in dangerous sports.

“And if malicious people thwart you, take no heed. If they hate you, have no care.” He had his fair share of foul mouthing and bad press and he learns now to cope better.

Sing your song, dream your dream,

hope your hope

and pray your prayer.

Because every actor has his own song to sing, he sums up.

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